We are a small team developing outstanding social projects.

Our goal is to change the world by sharing knowledge, to eliminate borders between any individual and future.
We are trying to surprise our users by usability, quaility and technology.


Primarily the ST team is geared to solid product development. Our key values are: single vision, excellence, high performance and flexibility for change requests. We do understand that the point is to create a brand new rival product — not just another wordpress. We will find an innovative solution able to compete with Facebook and Google!

Time is ticking so the topmost for ST team is to launch effective, recognizable, profitable projects. We know that our collaboration will not last for a month but for the whole product life cycle. It is extremely important to hold the right balance of available resources for obtaining good results today and achieve success in future.



    Virtual cardholder app for iOS and Android — put all loyalty cards into your phone.

    Mobile users get all discounts, promotions and shops location in their smartphones. Money transfers available!

    Integration between web platform and mobile applications allows merchants to attract new and market existing customers, based on customer profile and behavior. Custom hardware and software is being used to recognize offers via special QR codes and transmit data to POS.


    Social network for future students.

    Admit.me was built to connect college applicants with admissions insiders: students, alumni, and experts at their target schools. Our goal is to level the admissions playing field and give them the insight and guidance to help them achieve their college admissions goal. Our site was built for them.

    Site provides users with getting new contacts, reading useful articles, discussing important questions, participating webinars and so.


users monthly enjoy our projects all over the world


We have a strong platform for our ideas with Microsoft technology stack: